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Indian ecosystem was known to be most serine, sublime and full of blessings of Nature. The entire biosphere of India was driven by the ancient researchers, scientists who had contributed their efforts in life science and souls like Dr. Har Gobind Khorana, awarded Nobel Prize in Medicine, 1968 for researching over 'Genetic Code and Functions in Protein Synthesis', with this in series more contributions were added from India from past few decades. Since from last 10 years, India is gaining prominence as a partner of choice in bilateral cooperation in this field. India is emerging as a Biotechnology Hub in novel biopharmaceuticals production including novel vaccines and antibiotics. Vaccines manufactured in India is procured in large quantities internationally. Domestic companies have developed strong capabilities in vaccine development. The biotechnology industry in India, comprising about 800 companies, is expected to be valued at US$ 11.6 billion in 2017. The government has to invest US$ 5 billion to develop human capital, infrastructure and research initiatives if it is to realize the dream of growing the sector into a US$ 100 billion industry by 2025, as per Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt. of India. In India, Department of Biotechnology (DBT) a governmental body which is separately stands to recognize and affiliate all projects and grants to various researchers and academicians to inspire, innovate and engage with scientific community. India has become a Pioneer in the field of Biotechnology Research and development and incorporating novel technology for climate resilient crops, regenerative medicines, novel vaccines, antibiotics, probiotics and functional foods, future biofuels, industrial enzymes, rapid diagnostics of infectious diseases, novel immunity booster products and bioprocessing & bioprospecting by adopting advanced biotechnologies such as next generation sequencing technology, gene editing methods and specific genetic engineering techniques. Now, we are well aware about sustainable exploitation of genetic biodiversity present in the Indian subcontinent..

This "e-Refresher Courses" opens to all biotechnology learners to join. This e-Refresher Course is designed in such a way that biotechnology learners can upgrade themselves and innovate by advance biotechnology learning This e-refresher course have twenty rigorous workshops designed based on present and future challenges related with infectious disease, malnutrition, environmental sustainability, bioprocess and bioprospecting and welfare of mankind. In this e-Refresher Course on 21st Century: Era of Biotechnology platform you will be rigorously engaged with our Scientific and Industry Experts from various organizations from CSIR/DBT/ ICAR/ICMR Labs of Department of Science and Technology, Government of India and many leading BioPharma Industries to innovate by Advanced Biotechnology Learning. We welcome all members of Biotechnology Fraternity to join this program with enthusiasm. We wish that this e-refresher Course will surely going to create a novel opportunity for all of you by learning advances in biotechnology for innovation.

The University and The Department

AKS University is promoted by the eminent Rajiv Gandhi Group of Institutions and value-driven professionals with an enviable track-record of molding almost 12000 students over last 19 years, is guided by the principle of Think Global and Act Local. The curriculum, course offerings, and the Centers of Excellence at the AKS University are all aimed at knowledge-creation & skill-development. The University is primed to fulfill its mission of developing & arming human resources with modern applied knowledge & competencies, harnessing knowledge for addressing multifarious local, regional & national challenges including creating skilled manpower to support the leapfrogging economic growth of India, enhancing engineering competitiveness through technology-development & technology-induction, enhancing agricultural productivity through Biotechnology & other innovations, environmental conservation through innovative technology & approaches. AKS University considers the paradigm of Think Global & Act Local as a key enabler in furtherance of its mission, vision and objectives, and towards this end, AKS is keenly exploring linkages with selected national & global Universities and Institutions of repute so as to maximize knowledge-exchange, joint research, faculty & student exchange, twinning programs, sharing best practices in higher education space; and thereby emerge as a globally-relevant institution in this interconnected world of today & future. Department of Biotechnology is running under the University with mission provide excellent and sensible teaching with maximum practical and research exposure to create skilled and well trained biotechnocrates and entrepreneurs as per academia and industry needs in the frontier areas of Microbiology and Biotechnology.

About Satna

Satna is unofficially acknowledged as the Cement capital of India, given the preponderance of vast amounts of Limestone deposits in and around Satna, and every major Cement player, including Birla Group, Jaypee Group, Reliance Group, Prism Group, having established its cement plants or in the process of establishing new plants or upgrading the capacity of existing plants. Satna is more than 150-years-old Railway station on the premier Kolkata-Mumbai route. Satna city is home to many architectural wonders and heritage sites including 10th Century world-famous Khajuraho temples depicting the theme that life is a celebration in all its multifarious forms including Kama and conjugal art, and Buddhist caves, Panna forest reserve known as one of the most bio-diverse sites in central India, as well more than 100-year old Panna diamond mines. While moving ahead with modernization beyond the existing air-strip, Satna maintains its pristine traditional glory endowed to it by many succeeding dynasties. Other eminent locales within 30-100 kilometers of Satna are city of Rewa, the home of White Tiger; Maihar town, famous for annual pan-India festivals of classical music for last hundreds of years and for its nationally-renowned temple of Devi Goddess atop a high hill, which is now connected with ropeway. The unspoilt traditions and life style of the bygone era can be experienced first-hand here at Satna along with sprinkling of resorts and hotels.

Speaker of Eminence of the e-Refresher Course

Thematic areas

  • Microbial Technology
  • Plant /Agriculture Biotechnology
  • Animal Biotechnology
  • Industrial Biotechnology
  • Immunotechnology
  • Environmental Biotechnology
  • Food Biotechnology
  • Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicines
  • Pharmaceutical and Medical Biotechnology
  • Omics Technologies (Genomics, Proteomics, Metabolomics)
  • Bioinformatics
  • Computer Aided Drug Designing
  • Next Generation Sequencing Technologies
  • IPR and Patents
  • Scope and Career in Biotechnology
  • CSIR/DBT/ICMR/ICAR Fellowships and Opportunities
  • Industrial Opportunities in Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical and Food Industries
  • Self-Employments and Entrepreneurship in Biotechnology
  • Government Schemes on skill development
  • Self-Employments and Entrepreneurship in Biotechnology
  • Opportunities and Career prospects in Biotechnology in Govt. and Pvt. sectors
  • Various International Opportunities

Industry Collaborators & Training Providers

International Journal of Cell Science and Biotechnology

Merck High Skilled Development Centre, IMTECH-CSIR, Chandigarh

Journal of Innovation in Applied Research

ArrayGen Ltd. Pune

Journal of Innovation in Applied Research

SHRM Biotechnologies Pvt. Ltd., Kolkatta

Journal of Innovation in Applied Research

HiMedia Laboratories, Mumbai

International Journal of Cell Science and Biotechnology

geneOmbio Biotechnologies, Pune

Journal of Innovation in Applied Research

3B Blackbio Ltd. Bhopal

Journal of Innovation in Applied Research

HeriCure Healthcare Ltd. Pune

Journal of Innovation in Applied Research

Microbiologists Society India

Journal of Innovation in Applied Research

Premas Life Sciences Ltd.png

Journal of Innovation in Applied Research

K&S Partners

Journal of Innovation in Applied Research

Environment and Social Welfare Society, India

Conveners of the e-Refresher Course


  • 1. You are going to attend a series of Twenty (20) Workshops during two months at specific organizing dates under e-Refresher Course to innovate by advanced biotechnology learning in this 21st Century: The Era of Biotechnology.
  • 2. You will be well trained by Scientific and Industry Experts.
  • 3. Learning of advances in Biotechnology related to emerging areas
  • 4. Live working training on important instruments such as Real time PCR, HPLC, FT-IR, DNA Sequencer, Electron Microscope, Flow Cytometry.
  • 5. Live training on qPCR data analysis on software.
  • 6. Training on various bioinformatics software used in NGS data analysis, metagenome analysis and computer aided drug designing.
  • 7. Continuous and rigorous guidance
  • 8. *You will receive e-Refresher Course Certificate in Hard Copy at your door step. This certificate is very important to attain extra API Score and job prospects.
  • 9. An extra e-certificate will be provided for the Workshop on Rapid Diagnostics to Detect Infectious Diseases for availing the opportunities as Biotechnologist/Microbiologist in various testing centers for diagnosis of COVID19.
  • 10. Free access to all lectures and presentation and videos for all time.
  • 11. You will get 10% discount in registration fee in future program organized by us.
  • 12. Chances to earn regular trainings with the Experts and Industry partner at their labs in the future.
  • 13. You will be achieved knowledge about your future career in Biotechnology. We will assist you to get your future job all time.
  • 14. Chances to avail Stipend based Bio-Pharma Industry Apprenticeship with our Training Partner organized by Life Sciences Sector Skill Development Council (LSSSDC), Govt. of India.
  • 15. You will get free membership for bioJIVika club for future benefits.
e-Refresher Course Certificate in Hard Copy will be issued to all the participants those have attended all twenty workshops. In case participant is attending selected workshops than e-Workshop Attendance Certificate will be issued..

Workshops of e-Refresher Course

e-Refresher Course Content Details

Chief Patron

Sh. B. P. Soni

Chancellor, AKS University, Satna (MP) India


Sh. Anant Kumar Soni

Pro Chancellor & Chairman, AKS University, Satna (MP) India

Prof. P.K. Banik

Vice Chancellor, AKS University, Satna (MP) India


Dr. R. S. Tripathi, Pro-Vice Chancellor & Registrar (In-Charge), AKS University, Satna

Dr. Harshwardhan, Pro-Vice Chancellor (Development) AKS University, Satna

Prof. R. N. Tripathi, OSD AKS University, Satna

Convener of the Course

Dr. G.P. Richariya

Dean, Faculty of Life Science & Technology, AKS University, Satna (MP)


Prof. Shivesh Pratap Singh,

Secretary, NASI-Bhopal Chapter, Govt. PG College, Satna (MP)

Coordinator (IT Support)

Mr. S. K. Soni

Chief IT Administrator, AKS University, Satna.

Mr. Anurag Tripathi, Web Support

Mr. Ashish Kushwaha, Technical Support


Prof. R. S. Nigam, AKS University, Satna

Dr. Shekhar Mishra, Controller of Examination, AKS University

Sh. Vivek Shrivastava, AKS University, Satna

Dr. S. P. Gupta, Director & Principal, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, AKS University, Satna

Dr.Mahendra Kumar Tiwari, Head, Environment Science, AKS University

Organizing Team Member

Dr. Ashwini A. Waoo

Dr. Deepak Mishra

Dr. Arvind Gupta

Mrs. Reni Nigam

Dr. Lovely Mahawar

Er. Arpit Shrivastav

Er. Shreyansh Parsai

Mrs. Keerti Samdariya

Ms. Sandhya Pandey

Mr. Virendra Pandey

Mr. Paras Koshe

MS. Monika Soni

Mr. Sourabh Singh

Mr. Vivek Agnihotri

Ms. Shilpi Singh

Ms. Priya Dwivedi

Mr. Ramjee Singh

Mr. Bharat Soni

Mr. Piyush Kant Rai

Mr. Bhupendra Singh

Chairman of the Program

Dr. Ashok Pandey

Founder President, Biotech Research Society, India Eminent Scientist Center of Innovative & Applied Bioprocessing, SAS Nagar Mohali-160 071, Punjab, India

Course Convener & Coordinator

Dr. Kamlesh Choure

Professor & Head Department of Biotechnology Faculty of Life Science & Technology AKS University, Satna (MP) 485001 India